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Part Finder Guide

(Please Note: The products available online are only a selection of the parts we have available. If you cannot find the part you are looking for online, please contact us as it is likely that we will have it in stock)

At Gardner Spares we strive to give you the best service when ordering your spare parts online.

We have a number of options for finding your spare part including:

You can search by Engine Type just select your engine to see all the spare parts in stock. You can also filter this down by selecting a part category, so you could choose engine 8LXB and then select Bearings to see all available bearings for that engine. This also works the other way round by selecting your Part Category first and then the Engine Type.

You can also search part number, just enter it into the Product Search Box and press Search to see if we have that item in stock. Try it with part number L22740.

Need to know a part number? You can either contact us directly or you can purchase a downloadable .pdf parts manual below:

Part Manuals

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Then please contact us direct to discuss your engine or a part you are looking for.

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