About Us

At Gardner Spares we strive to provide the best service and the highest quality parts. From a single filter order to a full engine rebuild kit, every part is inspected and checked before it leaves our premises to ensure it arrives in perfect condition ready to be installed.

As we work alongside the engine rebuild and service teams, we use our own original parts in all of our engines, ensuring that the parts are not only inspected, but installed and test run every day. And working next to the service teams means we have expert knowledge on hand to ensure we give the best advice and offer the correct parts. With some engine models in production for over a 40 year period, knowledge of all engine modifications, design changes and part supersessions is vital in order to supply the perfect part.

We ship parts to all worldwide locations daily, and are very familiar with shipping and customs regulations and understand the urgent requirements of the client to have the parts there as soon as possible. We no longer have any official dealers, and offer all parts directly from our facility in the UK.

If you own or operate a Gardner powered vessel, vehicle, locomotive or in any other application, we are the only choice for professional, precise, fast, original quality spare parts supply.

We have uploaded over 400 most common parts for purchase directly from this website, but if you have any questions, queries or just cannot find the part you require, please just contact us and we will be able to help.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.